Project Description

The Digital Wellbeing Educators (DWE) Curriculum and corresponding Course Materials are intended for HEI educators and trainers to deliver digital wellbeing as part of their overall educational programs or to integrate or update an existing program.

The Curriculum and corresponding Course Materials provide educators with practical knowledge, skills and resources to help them ensure their students are educated in digital wellbeing. The Digital Wellbeing Educators course is provided as an online learning programme for direct access by all stakeholders including HEI educators and trainers. Each DWE Module has a minimum of 50 slides of up to date Digital Wellbeing information, questions, activities, exercises and further reading.

  1. Topics are introduced in a simple, concise way
  2. Information and current best practice on the topic is presented, moving from general definitions to more detailed applications, enabling the scope of the topic to be understood.
  3. Knowledge is reinforced, and skills are developed as students participate in practical exercises or study questions.
  4. The Curriculum comprises eight modules structured as a journey through the key digital wellbeing topics. We also have an introductory module designed specifically for educators to introduce them to digital wellbeing and the project called Introduction to Digital Wellbeing Educators

MODULE 1: Introduction to Digital Wellbeing
MODULE 2: Self-Image, Online and Offline Identities
MODULE 3: Digital Footprint, Netiquette and Reputation
MODULE 4: Cyber Bullying and Conflict Resolution
MODULE 5: Privacy, Security and Safety
MODULE 6: Personal Goals and Managing Distractions
MODULE 6: Ultimate Guide to Creating a Professional LinkedIn (Bonus Material)
MODULE 7: Critical Thinking, Fake News and Extreme Views
MODULE 8: Digital Citizenship and Social Responsibility