Project Description

Our toolkit is designed to help you learn any of our top 20 tools in less than 1 hour; in fact most can be learned in less than 30 minutes! We have split our tools into our unique 7 category classification system making it really easy to find the best tool for the task you need. Want to create a new course? Choose from our top 4 recommendations in Course Creation Tools/E-learning Authoring Tools. Tired of Powerpoint and want to add extra interest to your presentations? Choose from our top 2 recommendations in Presentation Software/Animation Tools.

Our toolkits all follow a simple 5 step approach.

  1. Watch a short overview video on the tool and read our summary to gain a quick understanding of how the tool works and why we like it!
  2. Read our 3 page Pedagogic report to gain a more in-depth understanding of the pedagogic potential of the tool.
  3. Learn from Others allows you to watch a variety of our carefully selected videos on how other educators are using the tool in their teaching practice.
  4. Get Started with the Tool provides a simple step by step approach to get you up and running with the tool
  5. Action encourages you to some follow up activities, for example do a quiz to test your knowledge, or join a lesson where we demo some of the tools in action.

So give it a go, you will benefit from

  • Learning intuitive powerful tools for engaging students
  • Understanding the pedagogic potential of digital learning tools
  • Being motivated to incorporate some of these new tools into your teaching practice
  • Increasing your own digital literacy enormously

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and pick your first tool to learn.